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Tour of Mumbai

I’m gonna take you way back. As in, back to our first weekend in India. We toured the Dharavi slums. Slums are perceived to be areas where children beg, old people suffer, and endless poverty. In reality, it’s not like this at all.

There are over 10,000 industries in the Dharavi slum alone! The most popular industry in Dharavi is leather. Some of the world’s greatest quality of leather comes directly from the slums. I was absolutely appalled by this. I did not perceive the slums to be as busy as they were.

It brings up an important question. The things we see in movies, television shows, and even the news distort our perception. The only way we can talk about something for real and be accurate is to actually experience it. I’m glad I was able to see the slums up close and personal.

By the way, I hear the monsoons are crazy in Mumbai. Wish I could’ve seen it.


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