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Pretty sure that rickshaw drivers have a certain quota of honks they must fulfill for the entire day. Cause they definitely honk for the hell of it sometimes.

Pretty sure that I got chased by at least 20 buffalos last week. As expected, the locals gave me a lot of crap for it.

Pretty sure someone mentioned something about monsoons..Yeah, it’s not really raining right now…

And I’m pretty sure that I met Rishi Kapoor, Loveleen Tandan, and Shah Rukh Khan. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities we have been receiving. Rishi Kapoor was hilarious, Lovleen Tandan was the most genuine person I’ve ever met, and SRK is the utmost gentleman. One paragraph on these three amazing individuals will never do them justice.

Pretty sure I’m having the time of my life.

Lots more to come,

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