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My internship at Red Chillies is in the fiction department of the television division. I analyze and give recommendations on completed pitches, I do pitches of my own, and I research and think of new storylines for television shows. Basically, my internship requires a lot of creative thought. It’s tough. And it’s exactly what I want to do.

I’ve been very busy at Red Chillies. We’re currently casting for a television serial. Thankfully the people I’m working with have allowed me to take a major hands on role in the process of casting. It’s demanding but I love each and every second of it. Time for another round of…

You know you’re in India when:

–You pop Pepto Bismol at your desk at 2 PM. No big deal

–When you get off the rickshaw and walk into work you go to the bathroom and cover yourself with deodorant (currently on Old Spice)

–You’ve drank more fruit juice in 3 weeks than you have in 3 years

–As soon as you wake up in the morning you run straight to the bathroom and take care of business…you know.

–Music starts blasting outside at 1 AM. Yes, starts.

–You start thinking to yourself why Chicken Tikka isn’t more prominent in the States

–You start calling America “the States”

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