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Subhash Ghai!

Today, we had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Subhash Ghai. Mr. Ghai is the founder of Whistling Woods and a pretty well known film director, who has actually worked with Anshuman on a couple films. He was a really cool guy who obviously knew a ton about the industry and had a couple of really interesting things to say. I think my favorite thing he said was that movies are like people. You can’t generalize and say that they are all the same, and you’re not going to like them all. He also stressed the importance of being open minded when watching a film. He said that we must understand where every film comes from, whether it’s a person or a culture or both. There is a reason films are made the way they are – because they reflect the person making them. It was a great way to look at international films, or just films in general. The last great thing he talked about was the importance of characters. He said people don’t care about your great editing or camera angles – they care about the characters. People want to see other people and connect with them. Talent is your own skill, knowledge is from college, and wisdom comes through connectivity. What great words! I really enjoyed his “lecture.”

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Monsoon Season

Blogging live from where it’s all happening–the heart of Mumbai. The monsoons have officially begun.

Pretty sure I’m the only one who’s excited about the monsoons at the office. This is gonna be great.

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