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Work has been a little hectic and stressful the past few days since we needed to finalize all the creative options for the various episodes for INTM since we’re presenting to the channel on Monday to get final approval. Because of the notorious monsoons that are sure to occur during shooting, every episode that is supposed to be shot outside had to have a back up plan incase the monsoons interrupted our plans. This small hurdle at work, among others, has caused me to not be able to blog in the past few days so even though it’s a few days late… lets go back to last Sunday which was probably one of the highlights of the trip.

On Sunday, the group got to go to the Farah Khan talk show – Tere Mere Beach Mein, where the special guest of the evening was Shah Rukh Khan, the “King of Bollywood.” After watching many of his movies it’s not hard to understand why he’s so wildly popular in India as well as around the world. With his boyish good looks (I was shocked to hear that he is in his 40s, since he does not look a day over 25) and lovable charm, I was delighted to get the opportunity to be apart of the audience at the show.
Arriving on the set at 1:30 in the afternoon, the eleven of us took our seats at the gorgeous, beach themed, talk show set. After about an hour sitting there, the other audience members started to trickle in. Then after watching crewmembers tediously play with the sand and candles on the set, we final saw the first bit of action when Farah Khan came out. She did about three takes, each about 30 seconds, introducing SRK and then retired to her trailer. More waiting… At about 5:30, the crew started lighting the candles again, we knew what that meant, finally SRK was coming out and the talk show would actually start.

As he walked down the stairs on the beach themed set, I was shocked that he looked even better in person then on camera. How could someone be so perfect? The shoot went on for about three more hours, during which I had to pretend to understand what was being said in Hindi, laughing at the jokes I didn’t understand by taking the lead of the crowd and trying to keep a constant smile on my face while we all began to melt in the hot box we were sitting in once the AC broke. I wondered how anyone would put up with this, as the audience was packed with smiling faces of the young and old. I was then told that audiences are paid. It all made sense now.

While I got a little annoyed at the fact that I sat there for over seven hours, for a show I couldn’t understand, in an unair-conditioned room, I wasn’t mad that I myself was not getting paid like the rest of the audience members. Getting to say I was less then ten feet away from the “King of Bollywood” was more then enough payment for me.

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