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Acting Debut!

Yesterday Madeline, Kate, and I went to the set of the Indian television show Palampur Express to observe and help out on the production of one of their episodes. Upon arriving at the 7am call time we waited around for the “actual call time” to begin shooting at 8:30am. The first scene was at the outdoor café and we were surprised to be asked to be extras and walk onto the set, sit down, chat, and finally call over one of the characters working there. Our character descriptions were “American girls in India for their first time who are looking to hang out at the café as a break from their travels”…so we were basically ourselves. After a couple establishing shots and then several more close ups, we had made our mark on Indian television! After acting we were then able to sit by the monitor and watch the rest of the shoot from behind the scenes. I was impressed to see that the production moved much smoother then the television talk show we visited on Sunday, and the outdoor set was shady with beautiful gardens. The one hiccup occurred only when the microphones stopped working during one of the takes and the director almost punched a crewmember in the face, but all in all it was pretty routine. The people on the crew were extremely interested in our education at Syracuse and our interest in their productions. Before leaving the set the assistant director even wrote down our email addresses because he wanted to know more about the courses we were taking and the methods the US collegiate system uses for teaching film and television practices. Although it was a long day in the heat, the actors were fun to watch do their best “eyebrow raises” and “suspicious glances” in true soap opera form.

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